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Dutch Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is the essence of my photography. I love the outdoors and remote places. The tranquility of being outdoors and feeling away from your daily routine makes this kind of photography wonderful and relaxing. I am blessed to live in the Netherlands, close to some very beautiful places. To do a proper job in Landscape Photography you need to be able to compose properly, expose properly and but most crucially capture a special moment under wonderful light that captures the soul of the place. There are four hours in every day that really show an area in the best light. The hour before Sunrise, the hour after Sunrise, the hour before sunset and the hour after sunset. I try to limit my photography to these times. As you can see on some pictures below. Sometimes this means early wake up, other times it means getting home late at night. However when you see the world in it's best light it is truly mystical and magical. Here is a selection of my Landscape Photography selection taken most around the Netherlands.

Pointing the stars
Sunset in de Grafelijkheidsduinen
De lange Jaap

Een prachtige ochtend in de Grafelijkheidsduinen van Den Helder