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About me  

My name is Klaas Fidom, I am an amateur photographer. I live in the Netherlands in the North Western part, called North Holland. I spend the most of my life in the navy at the Submarine Service. This is not a great background to start with photography, but my time in the Navy is almost finished and this is a great way to spend my new life and to do the things I like to do. I started with photography in 2013 and spend a lot of time to learn my self all about my camera and the processing techniques to get the photo I like to see. I know I have to learn a lot more, a great way to learn more about photography is to look a lot at other photographers work. Youtube can help you a lot!!  There are many turtorials to help you in your work and become better, It's a great relaxing way! I don't want to be a copy of somebody, I like to do it my way and hopefully people will like it. In the beginning I shoot almost everything I realised that landscape, seascape, cityscape and macro is what I like to shoot, It's great to go outside to a nice place and to capture that awesome sunrise or sunset. But when I started it was not easy to get that great picture I realised that you have to make a plan before you want to make that stunning image, At this moment I am getting more satisfied about my work, but it cost me almost two years and I am still not there I learn every day and hopefully in another couple of years I will be satisfied. If you like my work and you want to use it for any reason, you can always contact me.


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